Tickets Please


So what’s the deal with these tickets?
Every month, your Artslandia Box will come with a ticket voucher for two tickets to attend a single performance of your choice from one of Portland's premier music, dance, and theater organizations. You can use your vouchers at any point during the 2017–2018 season.  

Do I get to decide which performance I attend?
Of course! You can use your vouchers at any time throughout the 2017–2018 season for the performance(s) of your choice. The shows offered are highly sought after, so reserve quickly to avoid sell-outs. Can't decide which show to see? We've got you covered with suggestions included in each box.

How do I redeem my tickets?
You can reserve your tickets for a particular show by calling the box office phone number listed on the vouchers. Tickets will be held at will call to retrieve the day of the show. You must present your ID and Artslandia Box vouchers at the box office to claim your tickets.

Am I guaranteed tickets to the show I want to see?
Tickets are subject to availability. If a show sells out before you reserve your tickets, you must choose a different show. In order avoid this, we recommend that you reserve tickets for your desired performance(s) as far in advance as possible.

What about seats?
Seating will be assigned at the box office’s discretion.

Do I have to use my tickets?
Of course not. But doing so is highly recommended! 

Can I sell my tickets?
No, tickets cannot be sold. This practice is strictly prohibited.