Current Month - JUNE BOX


Vancouver Symphony Orchestra  |  Tickets for 2

Choose from any of the widely appealing range of shows in the Classical Concert Series during the 2018–2019 season. At the least, you’ll be intrigued but prepare to be wowed.


English Estate Winery  |  Wine Tasting & Souvenir Glass for 2

Discover this charming 115-year-old historic farm turned vineyard and winery, worked by five generations of the English family, with the perfect deck, lawn, and bocce courts for a summer tasting.


Two Rivers Heritage Museum  |  Tickets for 2

The history of this area along the Columbia is emphatically fascinating, and this museum nails it with 200 oral history tapes and 6,000 historic photos, plus displays of all the implements once used for good old human-powered living.


Nuestra Mesa  |  Chips & Salsa & Guacamole Appetizer

On to Camas. Not only does this place have, to the best of our knowledge, the sweetest backstory of all, but it’s also the perfect mid-exploration refueling point. Their exalted version of the holy trinity of Mexican snacking is yours to be had.


Feast 316  |  Chef’s Plate Appetizer for 2

After enjoying your custom-prepared chef’s appetizer, plan on a beautiful dinner of fresh seafood, certified Angus beef, craft cocktails, and signature wines from seasoned restaurateurs before you hit the road home.


Navidi’s Olive Oils and Vinegars  |  Tasting for 2

This surprising nook in Old Town Camas is a delight for your palette. Dozens of craft oils and vinegars are on offer and pairing suggestions abound. Your summer salads will never be the same.


Navidi’s Olive Oils and Vinegars  |  Artisanal Salt

Speaking of Navidi’s, artisanal salt is having its day. It is, after all, a mineral necessary to for human life that makes everything taste better. Give your salt sample a try and then explore the vast range of Northwest-made, flavor-infused sea salts at the shop.


The Soap Chest  |  Handcrafted Soap

Consider this nugget of natural, luxury sanitation just a teaser. You’ve got to go to Camas to experience Gail Horn’s shop of handmade treasures for the olfactory nirvana that only nature can bring and a full appreciation of the craft.


Veronica Arquilevich Guzman  |  Art Print & Calendar

In the spirit of our “across the river” theme, we bring you Water Screensaver 2. The original is an encaustic painting, also known as hot wax painting, which involves applying heated beeswax with added colored pigments to a prepared wood surface. You can count that as the new thing you learned today.


Artslandia  |  Pacific Northwest Decal

Behold, a beautiful sticker in celebration of our boundless love of the Pacific Northwest.